Producer & Processor of

High- Quality Liquid

Our Farms

Fremont Farms of Iowa is one of the top liquid egg producers in the United States. Our family-owned farms include state-of-the-art cage-free and conventional pullet and layer barns, a dedicated on-site feed mill with grain storage, and an inline egg processing facility.

Our Products

We are a leading producer of high-quality liquid egg products for the global food industry. Our farm produces liquid whole eggs, yolks, and whites. Our farm ensures our customers have access to high-quality liquid egg products that are fresh, safe, and reliable.

Our Values

Fremont Farms is dedicated to providing a positive work environment for our employees, protecting the health and welfare of our flocks, supporting local farmers who bring us their crop, and preserving the environment for future generations to come.

Liquid Egg Production

Eggs are one of nature’s most nutritious and versatile foods. The great state of Iowa is one of the top egg-producing states in the country, and Fremont Farms of Iowa is proud to be a key part of Iowa’s vibrant and sustainable Ag economy. We supply our customers with both cage-free and conventional liquid eggs.

We process millions of high-quality eggs each day that are safe, convenient and affordable, and used by our customers in a variety of food service offerings. Learn more about eggs and their nutritional benefits.

Our Farms

Fremont Farms’ integrated operations include modern housing for our egg-laying hens, a dedicated feed mill and grain storage, and an egg breaking facility.

Pullet Farm

Young hens are called pullets. We acquire baby chicks one day after hatch and raise them with care during the early months of their lives at our pullet farm.

Layer Farm

Our hens are raised in large barns on our layer farm, where we go to great lengths to ensure their health, well-being, and lifetime care.

Processing Facility

In our state-of-the-art egg processing facility, we carefully sanitize, break, and separate every egg for further processing by our valued customers.

Our Values

Since Fremont Farms was established in 1998, we have operated with the goal of doing the right thing for our people, poultry, community, and environment.

We Buy (A TON OF) Grain

Fremont Farms of Iowa supports its local farmers by purchasing corn and soybeans for delivery year-round. Grain crops grown in fields near our farm are purchased from many valuable local farmers and used to make the nutrient rich feed we provide our pullet and layer flocks.

To become a valued grain supplier, please contact the Scalehouse at 641-528-3447, ext. 216.


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